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February 2020

A belated Happy New Year to all my customers, but now has come the time for me to go. The website will be closing down soon as I have very little stock left. So just to say Thank You to all my customers over the past 20 years. I will still be attending events so hopefully will still see some of you around.

Good bye and Thank you!

December 9th 2019

Well, I have now attended my last event, so just need a few days to sort out the remaining stock which is now available at greatly reduced prices. Will hopefully get the majority of it on the website before Christmas.

April 24th 2019

The first Crich Tramway Museum event is now over, so any reserved hats that were not collected will be going back up for grabs.
Only six more events to go………………..(stock permitting!).

March 28th 2019

Again, due to retirement, I have temporarily closed the shop section of the website. This does not mean than you cannot purchase anything, just go to the Gallery New Arrivals as I will be listing a selection of items on there for the time being.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, send me an email.
If you would like to make a purchase, email me with the item details and I will send a Paypal invoice.
If you would like to reserve something to collect at a show, this can be secured with a small non-refundable deposit. If the item is then not collected at the agreed time (and I haven’t been informed) it will be relisted for sale and the deposit will be forfeited.

March 9th 2019

Unfortunately due to sickness I was unable to attend Sywell. However, I am now back up and running and the ‘Retirement Sale‘ continues. I was shocked at how much stock I have, but it is selling fast (faster than I was expecting) which is good for me as I can finish sooner than planned! 🙂
My biggest stock clear will probably be at Twinwood as I will have the room to take fixtures and fittings that all need to be sold.

September 29th 2018

Due to my impending retirement I have started to clear out and now have a big selection of stock marked at knock down prices. I do not have the time to list them on the website at present, so they can only be purchased at events for the time being.
I will  be taking a large selection of sale stock to Pickering so come and see me there. I will be downstairs in the Memorial Hall.

 August 19th 2018

For the time being there will no longer be any vintage hats for sale in the SHOP section, all available products will be listed in the NEW ARRIVALS section of the GALLERY.
I will also be having a DAMAGED STOCK sale. All these hats are original vintage, but with some sort of issues and will be sold AS IS.

August 2018

Just a quick update because I have just realised that I haven’t written any news for a while.
Had a fabulous selection of stock come in earlier this year which is selling faster than I can upload to the website. Some really good colours that are getting extremely hard to come by now that vintage is fashionable.
I am also considering retiring, so next year will probably be my last year of trading at 1940s events – I am hoping to get a social life!
So this really is a heads up, if you see it and like it, then buy it, because when they are gone, they really will be gone as I will not be buying any more stock.
Saying that, I still have a huge stash of hats to sort out so should have enough to see me through to next year before I quit!

October 1st 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be attending Pickering this year.
SEAL Military will still be attending, so if anyone was due to collect anything from me, please get in touch and I will arrange collection from SEAL

June 1st 2017

Just received a new supply of the most fabulous quality hand knitted berets in a wool/alpaca mix. I only have 10 of these berets at the moment and each one has been knitted freehand so you will never get two the same.
A couple of them are currently listed in the New Arrivals section pending the shop listing.

April 1st 2017

Introducing my new mannequins ‘Betty’ and ‘Cora’ you can see them in the New Arrivals section of the Gallery.
These fabulous mannequins are just two from a collection by Marge Crunkleton in the USA. They are probably the nicest and most authentic mannequins I have come across over the years and are very true to size.

March 8th (Wed) 2017

Due to the unexpected demand of the new stock you can now 2nd reserve a hat just in case………no deposit would be required at this time, but if the hat became available a non-refundable deposit would then be required.
Also, due to the unprecedented demand for the RED FEDORA I will probably put this up for auction in April.

March 7th (Tues) 2017

Fantastic new stock just arrived, available for preview in the Gallery over the next few weeks.
Please bear with me as I have masses to work through with the majority of it needing to be cleaned and repaired as necessary before selling. Pre-sales enquiries welcome.
Also have some fabulous knitwear, all hand knitted from vintage patterns in the most beautiful of yarns – pure wool, merino, cashmere, silk………..